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Our Work

Media Blasting


We media blast all surfaces.  We prepare the surface for paint or resurfacing.  We media blast wood and metal to give it the look you want. We paint industrial machinery giving it durability. 

Restoration of Wood Surfaces


Media blasting the exterior of store front businesses and homes allows for the paint or finish to adhere to the surface giving the finish many years of life. Aging distressing wood beams and ceilings has also been a popular request.

Industrial and Commercial Jobs


No job is too big for our business.  We have media blasted co-generation plants, waste water tanks and industrial warehouses.  

Specialty Jobs- Water and Fuel Tanks


Water tanks and liquid material receptacles must be media blasted before painting.  Our business media blasts and paints these tanks with Duralux Marine Paint or your choice of finish.

Tight Places are No Problem


Inside of tanks and tight places of machinery is no problem for our team.  

Restore Concrete and Stone Surfaces


Restoration of brick work and stone is one of the most impressive transformation when media blasting.  Graffiti is cleaned up with ease and the luster of the natural stone  is restored.